Big in the USA

From vibrant cityscapes to serene countryside: your 2024 GFNY USA races.
All GFNY USA events provide the following for you to BE A PRO FOR A DAY:

  • Mass start
  • Individual chip timing from start to finish with awards for all categories
  • Closed roads or police moderated traffic that ensures you never have to stop during the race

Choose your next Michelob ULTRA GFNY Adventure:

Miami – April 21, 2024
World Championship NYC – May 19, 2024
York – Pennsylvania – June 16, 2024
Maryland Cambridge – October 6, 2024
Marathon Florida Sebring – October 19, 2024
Florida Sebring – October 20, 2024

Michelob ULTRA GFNY Miami – April 21, 2024
Come to Miami for the inaugural Michelob Ultra GFNY Miami. Experience a super fast 70 mile course on fully closed roads. Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to the golden
glow of Florida’s endless summer. Sign up now:

Michelob ULTRA GFNY World Championship NYC – May 19, 2024
NEW: chase the pros with riders from 90+ countries and compete for the Michelob Ultra GFNY World Championship crown.

Michelob ULTRA Gran Premio New York City – May 19, 2024
Gran Premio NYC will be held on the same course as the long standing mass participation race “GFNY World Championship NYC”, the world’s most international cycling race.

Michelob ULTRA GFNY York – Pennsylvania – June 16, 2024
85 miles of racing over challenging, hilly terrain with police-moderated intersections for worry free racing and riding. And there is the medium course for 55 beautiful miles at a more casual pace.

Michelob ULTRA FNY Maryland Cambridge – October 06, 2024
Michelob Ultra GFNY Maryland is GFNY’s flattest race, making it fast for athletes who are working together in a peloton and approachable for the stronger riders among us.

Michelob ULTRA GFNY Marathon Florida Sebring – October 19, 2024
Your USATF measured Half- and Full Marathon on a lightning fast course. Ideal not only as a qualifier for Boston, NYC and the Wanda World Champs – but even more so for first timers. Run your first marathon with GFNY!

Michelob ULITRA GFNY Florida Sebring – October 19, 2024
Enjoy Central Florida at its best with Michelob Ultra GFNY Florida Sebring. At 95 miles long, this slightly undulating race is Florida’s hardest bike race. At the same time, the medium distance is a great opportunity for new riders to do their first GFNY as well as seasoned athletes who want to finish the year in style.

Go to now and choose.